Let Go of the Past and Embrace the Future

We are all guilty of holding onto the past sometimes. We hold on to things that we should have let go of a long time ago, and sometimes we don't simply want to move on. One of the reasons why it is hard for us to let go of the past is because it is what defines who we are today, and we feel as if something was robbed from us or that we were somehow wronged by something. Like, we all have emotional baggage from our childhood and from relationships that we need to get rid of or accept to be happy. It's important to let go of past wounds because they can weigh us down emotionally and physically with depression or body aches. Holding to the past can also shape our future and relationships because it dictates how we act and think, leading to similar results.

By letting go of the past, we can focus on the present and future, on what we really want and need to bring into our lives. We can improve our mental health and make better decisions. We can also enjoy life more by not being constantly bogged down by what happened in the past.

How to Deal with Tough Situations in the Past

We often hold on to pain and fear from the past, which can be crippling in the present. But there are ways to let go of these feelings and move forward. The first step is to accept that we cannot change the past, but we can change how it affects us and how we view it. We should let go of any idea that things could be different if the past has been different from how it was. Learn to take responsibility for our own lives instead of blaming others or outside forces for our mistakes or bad luck. And finally, we need to find forgiveness for ourselves and others so we can move on with our lives. This process takes time and you don't have to go through it alone, you can search for help professionally or not depending on the situation. 

5 Examples of Learning How to Let Go

  1. Stop fighting change – Life is ever-changing and clenching into what it used to be won't bring that back. If it's a good memory you can choose to feel grateful for that time in your life, if it's a bad memory you can choose to focus on the present, and in both cases acceptance is key.

  2. Accept that you are not the "expert" – If it's too much for you to handle, ask for professional help.

  3. Practice gratitude – It is always good to recall and relish the good things we have and enjoy in life. Hold or wear a rose quartz crystal as a reminder of the things you are grateful for.

  4. Recognize that you can't control everything – This can be super liberating, there are things that are not in our reach to change, and therefore trying to change that is just a waste of energy and resources. 

  5. Plan for your goals – Having clear goals in life is of extreme value in focusing on what really matters and taking action in improving ourselves and our lives instead of dwelling on the past.

It's time to stop letting past experiences dictate your life. It's time to let go and be happier. We should not let the past control our lives. We should not feel guilty for wanting to be happy and successful. We should not worry about what other people might think of us either. Letting go of your fears and the past can help you find happiness in the present moment and allow you to live a more fulfilling life.

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