Wu Wei – The art of non-action

Wu Wei means non-action and it's a principle of Taoist philosophy. At its core, it's about living in harmony and avoiding pushing things or taking unnecessary action. This is because sometimes we push things to get a desirable outcome but most of the time no action is actually required and our acts may hurt the result. Sometimes we just need to let it flow and understand the natural course of things.

For instance, in today's culture, we heard a lot about the hustle and the concept of work hard, play hard. But if you try to control everything to get a specific outcome you may be undermining everything. There is no point to rush the nature of things, in fact, it is counterproductive. It is the same as watering plants, more than they need, expecting to get better and faster results. Not only will it not work but they can die due to overwatering. And this is why we shouldn't rush things. As Lao Tzu put it, "When you arrive at non-action, nothing will be left undone." 

This philosophical idea can actually improve the way we act, thus leading to better outcomes, and it doesn't mean to be completely passive and a mere spectator. Sometimes action is required but unnecessary force leads to trouble and friction, on the other hand, not forcing is aligning with nature and its flow.

This requires the awareness to understand when hard work and intervention are necessary and when it's not. It depends on the natural course of things and if it is your turn to act. Sometimes things resolve themselves without our intervention and this is, in a way, an action. When the non-action comes from consciousness and understanding of the natural rhythm. Sometimes we force things and ruin them. 

Not trying to fight or control nature is paramount. Letting things happen, going with the flow with awareness. Also, going against the flow is simply exhausting. It's like when you have an interview and you overthink it, over-prepare, and when the time comes you feel stressed and all over the place, you are struggling against the flow. Focusing too much on the result and how to control it.

My advice? Be yourself, present, and try to act effortlessly. Get out of your own way to grow, let the universe follow its course with an open heart. Crystals are an amazing way to gain clarity, which is very helpful for understanding when to act or not to act! There are plenty of options but I would like to highlight the Moonstone and Amazonite. Moonstone helps in strengthening the connection with intuition, bringing clarity, and helping in the decision-making and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, Moonstone is powerful in calming emotions and releasing stress. The Amazonite allows seeing both sides of a problem and all points of view, bringing clarity and calm as well. It also helps filter the information and thoughts, aligning them with your intuition.

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