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'Her Majesty' Selenite Extra Large

$111.00 USD


Introducing the Majestic Standing Selenite Crystal:

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty and profound energy of our large-standing Selenite crystal. This natural wonder stands as a beacon of tranquility and positivity, elevating your space and your spirit.

Key Features:

  • Size: Towering above at approximately 20 cm (8 inches), this Selenite crystal commands attention and exudes elegance.
  • Pure Elegance: Selenite's natural, ethereal translucence captures and refracts light, creating an enchanting play of luminescence. Its graceful, sleek design makes it a captivating addition to any setting.
  • Healing Energy: Selenite is renowned for its cleansing and purifying properties. It acts as a conduit for positive energy, dispelling negativity and promoting harmony and inner peace.
  • Versatile Decor: Whether as a centerpiece for your home, office, or sacred space, this Selenite crystal is a stunning focal point and a symbol of purity and serenity.
  • Hand-Selected: Our Selenite crystals are hand-selected to ensure you receive a top-quality, authentic piece.

Ways to Use Your Selenite Crystal:

  1. Meditation: Enhance your meditation practice by holding or gazing at this Selenite crystal. Its calming presence can help you achieve mental clarity and inner stillness.

  2. Energy Cleansing: Place it in your space to clear and purify the energy. It's like a breath of fresh air for your surroundings.

  3. Decorative Elegance: Let its sheer beauty adorn your space as a symbol of purity and positivity.

Elevate your surroundings and your spirit with the remarkable energy and aesthetic appeal of our large-standing Selenite crystal. Invite the tranquility and harmony of Selenite into your life. ✨🌟

Size - approx. 20cm / 8inches 

Weight - approx. 1kg / 2lbs

Location of Gem Origin- Morocco 


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